Lion Hunting

“I’ve been training dry ground lion hounds and guiding successful dry ground mountain lion hunts in southwestern New Mexico since 1984. Let me guide you on your next southwestern New Mexico lion hunt! Call Gary Webb Guide and Outfitter today to schedule your next New Mexico trophy Mountain Lion hunt or for help getting started in the lion hunting business!”

-Gary Webb

mountain-lionMountain lions are considered by many to be the ultimate Western big game trophy. These big cats go by many names such as cougar, panther, puma and a few more in different parts of the country. Here in New Mexico the most common names are cougar or mountain lion.

Our mountain lion hunts are primarily in southwestern New Mexico on bare ground. To be successful at dry-ground mountain lion hunting, many well trained hounds and a devoted hunter are required. Professional cougar guides spend many days hunting their dogs in order to be good at their trade.

The size of mountain lions will vary. Mature toms (males) will weigh from 110 to 180 pounds. Mature females will weigh from 90 to 110 pounds. These are magnificent animals and well worth the effort.

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Hound Training

Many houndsmen may have potentially good lion hounds but don’t have the time to hunt their dogs. I’ve been a successful dry ground mountain lion hunter since 1984 and have a very good pack of experienced hounds to train your dogs with.

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lion-testimony“This is truly an honest hunt from a first class outfitter. Gary and his wife Julie do there absolute best to assure a quality experience in the field and at the headquarters. Both I and my son have hunted lion several times and I am always impressed with the quality of dogs and horses/mules that make this rugged hunt in the wilderness a memorable experience. Gary has the knowledge and experience that only someone who is indigenous to such a vast area can provide. I highly recommend this guide service if you enjoy hunting in an environment with few people and excellent attention paid to providing personal service at a reasonable price.”

-Dan Snyder, Gettysburg PA.

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