Mountain Lion

Without a good lion outfitter or guide with a pack of well trained hounds, chances of running into a mountain lion are slim to none. Novices and part time lion hunters just can’t compete with the success of a good professional lion guide or government mountain lion hunter.

Our mountain lion hunts are primarily here in southern New Mexico on bare ground. Mountain lions live in a wide variety of habitat, more so than most other animals. They’re found in the Alpine forests of the Gila to the mesquite-cactus country of the Chihuahuan desert.

I keep between 15 to 20 hounds and spend at least 20 days a month during the season working my dogs on hunting, tracking, and trailing mountain lions. The Department of game and Fish here in southern New Mexico often calls me to take care of problem lions that are killing livestock. This extra hunting gives my dogs, especially my young dogs, some good training since I usually have pretty fresh track to start on.

I hunt with my dogs loose and ride horseback through likely mountain lion crossings and travel-ways hoping to cut a fresh track. Trailing is the real work in bare ground mountain lion hunting and can wear out the dogs quickly. I generally take 5 to 6 hounds at a time and rotate fresh dogs every day. Rotating dogs helps keep them fresh and on the go.

New Mexico has a very good mountain lion population. We take between 8 to 12 hunters per season. Our success averages about 75%. You can purchase your license from the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish through their website at

** Our mountain lion hunts are pretty physical.  You need to be in good shape, not overweight and able to walk some in mountainous terrain.  We have a weight limit of 250 pounds.  Please take the time to get in shape for your hunt.**  

7 Day Mountain Lion Hunt (1X1 Hunt)
*License must be purchased 14 days PRIOR to hunting in order to receive your license and carcass tag thru the mail from the Game Dept.*

December 1 – April 15, 2023 $5,200.00
Non-Hunters are always welcome. Fee is $1,400.00 plus tax.