“I recently completed my first mountain lion hunt with Gary Webb.  It was a great experience!  Gary and Julie made every aspect of the hunt exactly what I had hoped it would be.  The accommodations were very comfortable and the food was fantastic.  The livestock was solid and the hounds amazing. Combine all of this with Gary’s knowledge and experience and add in some of the most incredible country in the U.S. and you’ve got the makings for an incredible hunting experience!  Gary and Julie run an honest first class outfitting business. I’m already  thinking of my next opportunity to hunt with the Webb’s.  Thanks again for a great hunt!”

    -Terry Jackson  Harrisonville, MO

    “I wanted to let you know what a wonderful and enjoyable hunt it was. Could not have asked for any better!! The hunt was great and the food was really good and the company was some of the best.

    Also wanted to pass on that Mr. Jackson who processed our elk (what a great guy) did a nice job and went out of his way to get our meat ready so we could leave for home.

    It was as PERFECT a hunt and vacation as my wife and I could have asked for. Thanks again for all the hard work you did to make it happen. Thank you!”

    -Mitch Holmes  Wheeling, WV

    Photo – Glynn Neilsen(left) and Donnie Vocker (right)

    “Just finished an elk hunt in the Gila Wilderness with Gary Webb Guide and Outfitter. I have to say that it could not have been better! Gary and Julie are great people and host a World Class experience from beginning to end. The food was absolutely excellent and plentiful, even for the hardiest of appetites.
    I took a bull that scored 352 and both guys that went with me also brought home really good bulls. I can’t say “Thank You!” enough to Gary and Julie. I’m really looking forward to the next hunt. Thank you!”

    -Glynn Nielsen  Alvarado, TX

    “Just had another great hunt with Gary and Julie. This was my 4th hunt with them and I hope to make it back for more in the future. I was on an elk bow hunt with friend, Ted Braun. We were in elk every day. Although I was not successful, my friend, Ted, got a 340 class elk on the last morning after seeing two larger bulls previously.

    The Webb’s treated us like family. The food is always great and plentiful. We were in one of the premier elk areas (Gila Wilderness). Gary works tirelessly to put you in the thick of the elk. Pictured below is my friend, Ted’s elk.”

    -Ken Woeste Celina, OH.

    “Hunting with the Webb’s was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Gary and Julie run a first rate outfitting business. They will do whatever it takes to make your stay and hunt enjoyable. Not only did I have the hunt of a lifetime, I learned a great deal from both of them along the way.

    I was just hoping to get the opportunity to get within bow range of a 300 class bull. Gary got that accomplished 3 times! I was fortunate to be able to close the deal on a 340 class bull on the last day of my hunt. That sealed the deal for me! This first time elk hunter from Ohio is hooked and with any luck will be back hunting with the Webb’s soon.

    Gary and Julie, thank you for everything you guys did to make my first New Mexico elk hunting trip a great one!”

    -Ted Braun Versailles, OH.

    “I killed an elk in Colorado in 1997. Then in 1999 I killed a bear in Canada. Both hunts were pretty exciting. Then I came to Lake Roberts, New Mexico for a mountain lion hunt January 2013. This was the most physical, mental and most REWARDING hunt I have ever been on! The country was very beautiful and the hospitality was great!

    Gary is very serious about getting you a lion. After 6 days of riding a mule in the most rugged country I’ve every been in, I got my lion. The reward was great. Thanks!!!”

    -Billy Walls Wingo, KY.

    “I grew up in a hunting family and have hunted my entire life. I have had the privilege of hunting 14 states, 3 Canadian provinces, Ireland, and Zimbabwe. I can state without conviction, that Gary and Julie, by far, run the finest operation that I have every experienced. The accommodations and food are second to none.

    I just finished my third hunt with the Webb’s and I still come home having learned something new from Gary’s vast knowledge of the mountains and all the game they contain. I keep and hunt my own pack of bear hounds and have done so my whole life. Gary’s hounds continue to amaze me every time we go out. Let me tell you that I have certainly seen my share of hounds and Gary’s are nothing short of incredible! I have never seen anything like them in my life.

    More importantly, than all this, I have left the Webb’s knowing that I have gained friends for life. While there, I feel as though I am amongs family. After all my travels, I have found where I hope to continue to hunt as long as I am able.”

    -Anthony O’Neill Warwick, NY

    “I’m from south Louisiana and I booked a mountain lion hunt with Gary Webb December 29, 2012 – January 4, 2013. Gary works extra hard to make sure you have a great hunt and to put you on a lion. His dogs are par-none in locating and tracking a lion. He gave it 110% every day while we were hunting, never giving up on finding a lion. In my book, he’s “Top Shelf”.

    I had the experience of a life time hunting with him. We hunted before snow fell and after snow fell. We hunted with mules and on foot. We kept at it for four days, before we found my lion. On this day there was snow every where and tracks were hard to find, but Gary and his hounds found them. When we caught up to the lion and I saw it there in the tree, it was one of the most gratifying sites I’ve ever seen. We had time to take some photos before I took my lion with a pistol.

    After my hunt was over, I had time to go site-seeing, making my experience even better.

    Mr. & Mrs. Webb are great people who will work extra hard for you so you can fill your tag. The accommodations are great and the same for the home cooked meals. I had a great time and I recommend booking this hunt with Gary for an EXPERIENCE OF A LIFE TIME!”

    -Albert Schwindling Lacombe, LA.

    “I just wanted to say that Darren and I had a terrific hunt. Nothing better than walking, stalking, and taking a nice Mule Deer. The facilities, food and hospitality couldn’t be better the the scenery is gorgeous. Planning our trip for next year already, so see ya then and God Bless!”

    -Darren and Stephanie Detmer Chappell Hill, TX.

    “I have dreamed for years of getting an opportunity to tree a lion, but never really believed that there was anyone out there who would give me an honest, affordable chance to do so. My two main desires were to find someone who trained their own hounds and livestock and someone who had the reputation of doing it “western”! The experience that Gary and Julie afforded our group was literally a dream come true. We had a ton of good food and lots of conversation, great dogs, and bomb-proof mules and horses–and even more than comfortable accommodations. Moreover, we had treed and harvested a nice lion within three hours of the start of our first morning hunt! While I know that Gary is too honest to claim that he can produce the same results for you, I do know that he and Julie will work their tails off to give you a similar opportunity. I absolutely, without reservations, would enthusiastically recommend them to anyone with similar dreams!!”

    -Dr. Glen Fenter West Memphis, AR.

    “Gary and Julie,
    I just wanted to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for an unbelievable experience! The mountain lion hunt I went on exceeded all my expectations. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but also the most rewarding. Thank you for your friendship and hospitality.

    Gary’s knowledge of mountain lions and the mountains really impressed me. He’s a first class guide and I would recommend him to anyone. I’ve put in for an elk hunt and also plan to black bear hunt with Gary.”

    -Marty Swyden Oklahoma City, OK.

    “Gary and Julie,
    I just wanted to drop a line and tell you thanks for a wonderful hunt. You run a first class operation and you made me feel right at home. I felt that I was hunting with friends and you went above and beyond to insure that my hunt was an enjoyable experience. I look forward to hunting with you in the future.”

    -Chad White Fort Scott, KS.

    “My dad and I started hunting “out West” in the late 70’s with trips for elk to Montana, Idaho, Colorado, and New Mexico. In 1991, we hunted with Gary and Julie for the first time. Their personal dedication to making absolutely sure each hunter has an excellent experience sets them apart from all other outfitters we have utilized. As a result, we have hunted southwestern game (including elk, deer, black bear, javelina and lion) with them exclusively for the past 18 years.

    My father and I have been very fortunate to have hunted Africa seven times including most recently on the Serengeti Plain. I can say without hesitancy that we have never had a better time than hunting with the Webbs.”

    – Sean Yutzy Albuquerque, NM.

    “In the past 15 years, Gary is the only guide with whom I have re-booked. I have hunted with Gary in the Zunis, the wilderness area of the Gila and in the desert of SW New Mexico. Gary doesn’t take more hunters than he can provide with quality hunts. He has always arrived in camp days before I’ve arrived, spending his time to scout. From the hunt itself, to the food preparation, camping gear and everything needed for the hunt, nothing is left to chance. Gary is more than prepared and works hard each and every minute of the hunt to put you in a position to take your trophy. He is a hard working, capable example of what every outfitter should be.

    If Gary tells you something, you can count on it. His representation of the size and numbers of the animals you will see is always accurate and never exaggerated. He gives you more for your hunting dollar than any outfitter I have hunted with. You won’t be disappointed.”

    -Frank Sullivan Sallisaw, OK.

    “In over 50 years of hunting big game, this was the most enjoyable guided hunt I have expereienced. Gary and Julie Webb, along with their hard-working son Bonner, are absolute professionals who run a comfortable camp with plenty of great food. They bring solid and nearly bombproof stock and a cool determination to ensure the hunter’s success at harvesting quality game. If you are looking for a memorable wilderness experience at a bargain, this is the hunt to draw for.”

    -Kim Oeck Paso Robles, CA.

    “This is truly an honest hunt from a first class outfitter. Gary and his wife Julie do their absolute best to assure a quality experience in the field and at the headquarters. Both I and my son Seth, have hunted lion several times and I am always impressed with the quality of dogs and horses/mules that make this rugged hunt in wilderness a memorable experience. Gary has the knowledge and experience that only someone who is indigenous to such a vast area can provide. I highly recommend this guide service if you enjoy hunting in an environment with few people and excellent attention paid to providing personal service at a reasonable price.”

    -Dan Snyder Gettysburg, PA.

    “I’ve hunted elk for over 20 years in several states and Canada, with numerous outfitters and can honestly say, Gary Webb is one of the best. I look for several things in an outfitter. Honesty, hard working, good local guides that know the area, and of course great elk country. You will get all of these and more with Gary and Julie. I’ve been fortunate to have hunted with Gary more than once and look forward to the next time. I know it will be a great hunt.”

    -Bill Potter Black River Falls, WI.

    “Down through the years, I’ve hunted mountain lion, elk, and coues deer with the Webbs. Gary is one of the most talented and focused guides I have ever hunted with. When you hunt with Gary and Julie, you’re treated like one of the family!”

    – Dave Kleber Russelton, PA.

    “Being my first elk hunt and preparing for a few years, I wanted to experience a classic pack in horse type hunt.

    Even though this was guided, I approached this hunt as a group of friends sharing good times together and working together with whatever was required. This hunt with Gary and Julie started even before I submitted the New Mexico application with questions and sound advice.

    Julie and Gary made the trip more than I’d ever imagined. I only have two regrets: my successful hunt just didn’t last long enough and I’d hoped to get this elk thing out of my system, but now I can’t wait to go again.”

    –John Guth Stafford, VA.

    “I am an avid hunter that has had the pleasure of hunting with Gary Webb in the Gila for elk. I have hunted with guides in Alaska, British Columbia, Colorado and several other guided hunts in the 35 years I’ve been hunting.

    Not only does Gary run a true first class hunt, but Gary is a true first class man. His hunts are organized, the food is fabulous, his accommodations are excellent and his staff is very knowledgeable.

    Of all the hunts I’ve done, my hunt with Gary still ranks at the top. When hunting the Gila we had numerous opportunities at world class bulls. The horses we rode were of Gary’s own stock, well trained, healthy and very good in the mountainous terrain. I can honestly recommend Gary on the highest level as a guide and human being.

    I have and will continue to draw for his hunts until my hunting days are over.”

    -Dan W. Herman Monument, CO.