New Mexico Mule Deer Hunting At Its Finest

February 25, 2012

November 2011

We had a super 2011 mule deer season, with all clients have shooting opportunities at some really great bucks! This includes all our rifle, muzzle-loader, and archery hunters.

Pictured is Dean Henderson and Chris Hester, from Texas. Dean’s buck was trailed off an alfalfa field into the mesquite desert.  While hauling Dean’s buck on an ATV to the truck, another buck was spotted in his bed under one of our glassing stands.  After lunch at the ranch house, we took Chris back to the bedded buck and he collect this fine mule deer buck!

We are fortunate to be able to use a variety of hunting techniques in our area. Glassing, spot and stalk, stand hunting and horseback hunting are all viable methods in our area.  We are also able to successfully track deer to their beds.  Skillful trackers and sandy country are the key to this method of deer hunting.

Archery hunters have the rut on their side.  Rattling and grunting can be used to lure bucks to within bow range.  Usually this is when the very largest bucks are seen.  With a great area and all these tricks in the arsenal, we can’t help but be successful.


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