Game Park Christmas Buck

January 7, 2010

December 2009

This dandy mulie was taken a few days before Christmas by Mike Wear.  Mike and his buddy Tony Celia were here in New Mexico for the holidays.   Both Mike and Tony are Warrant Officers in the army.  Mike flies the Apache Helicopter and Tony flies Blackhawks.  They will be deployed before next fall, Mike to Germany and Tony to Kuwait.  Both will be flying sorties in and out of Afghanistan.  This was the last chance to get in a hunt here in New Mexico before returning to work.

Fortunately for Mike and Tony, the Game Park is not under state jurisdiction and we can hunt whenever we want.  We set our own seasons, bag limit and there is no license to buy.

Although they didn’t plan it this way, they were hunting during the beginning of New Mexico’s mule deer rut.  Bucks here start getting interested in does about Christmas time and will breed through January.  Bucks are less wary during the rut, but a skilled stalk must still be made to get within reasonable shooting range.

Mike and Tony had already glassed up several bucks when they spotted this Management buck.  He was nosing around some does and acted like he was sore footed or injured.  He walked with a limp.

Mike liked the looks of him and soon had a trophy for the wall and venison for the dinner table.

Mike and Tony, we wish you good luck on your missions and a safe and sound homecoming!

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