Julie’s Bear

December 28, 2009

October 2009

Julie and I slipped off for a day bear hunting, before we got busy with our rifle elk hunts.   Our dogs worked the track really fast and had this bear caught in just very short time.   Julie shot this beautiful bear with her 45 Long Colt pistol.

We realized after we skinned the bear, that the mule and horse we had ridden were probably not going to like carrying a bear.  We tried putting the hide on my mule “Bugs”.  He was a total idiot.  Pawing, kicking and trying to tear down the tree he was tied to.  We decided to try Julie’s horse “Slingshot”.  He has a history of being a knot-head about being packed, but we had no choice.  To our suprize, he barely noticed when we put the bear hide on him.  He ended up packing me and the hide out to the truck.

Slingshot got an extra shot of grain that night for not living up to his name.

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  • Dakota Buck says:

    Thats awesome Julie. I worked with Gary over the summer finall got around to checkin out your alls website