Coues Deer Hunting

We offer a variety of options for trophy Coues deer hunting in southwest New Mexico. Although many of New Mexico’s southwest units offer excellent opportunities for Coues deer, these little deer are not widespread throughout the units. Our knowledge of the units and past experience enables us to find these pockets of deer for the serious Coues deer hunter. The units we hunt are 26 and 27.

We hunt public and private land and are usually in a tent camp. We’ll use every hunting method known with heavy emphasis on glassing. These little deer are very skittish and will try to hide if they know you’re around. This is a really fun challenging hunt and I highly recommend it.

You will need to apply for a Coues deer license through the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish at The deadline for applying is MARCH 22, 2023. 

5-Day PUBLIC DRAW Coues Deer 
November 18-22, December 2-10, 2023 $5,000.00 (2X1 Hunt) 
November 18-22, December 2-10, 2023 $5,600.00 (1X1 Hunt)

Non-hunters are welcome. Non-Hunter fee is $1,000.00 plus tax.