Black Bear Hunting

Bear are much easier to find than mountain lions, simply because there are a lot more bears. They forage for a variety of different types of food and move from one food source to another as it plays out. If we have a good pinon or juniper berry season, they will congregate at the food source until it’s pretty well gone, then move on to the next one.

Bears leave a very strong scent where they walk. This makes it easier for the hounds to strike a trail and they can travel much faster than after a lion. When hounds hit a bear track they can be out of hearing in a matter of seconds. Most bears will eventually tree, but occasionally one might stop on the ground and fight the hounds. Things get pretty exciting when this happens!

We offer a 5-day bear hunt with hounds in the Gila National Forest of southwestern New Mexico. Accommodations are in our bunk house or sometimes in a tent camp depending on where I’m finding bear sign. We’ll travel some with the truck and trailer to get the hounds and horses closer to our starting destination. This saves a lot of wear and tear on the livestock, the hounds, and us.

We take 2 or 3 hunters per season, with our success being about 90%. I recommend you be physically fit, not over weight, and able to walk some in mountainous terrain for this hunt.  We do have a weigh limit of 250 pounds.  We can be in some rough brushy country and might have to lead up or down some steep inclines. You can use any weapon of your choice, but the lighter the better. Our clients have hunted with pistols, bows, and of course rifles, with good success.

You can purchase your bear license from the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish through their website

** Our bear hunts are VERY physical.  You need to be in good shape, not overweight and able to walk some in mountainous terrain.  We have a weight limit of 250 pounds.  Please take the time to get in shape for your hunt.**  

5-Day Bear Hunt with Hounds (1X1)
*License must be purchased 14 days PRIOR to hunting in order to receive your license and carcass tag thru the mail from the Game Dept.*

September 25 – October 30, 2024 $4,500.00
Non-Hunters are always welcome. Non-Hunter fee is $1,000.00 plus tax.